8 Best Online Savings Accounts [June 2023]

To get the best savings account rates, start by shopping around and comparing different banks and credit unions. Here’s some of the top national rates to get the most out of your savings account.

While the best savings accounts used to come from traditional brick-and-mortar institutions, this is no longer the case at all. The reality is, many online banks and fintech companies offer savings accounts with lower fees (or no fees) these days, and their interest rates are much more competitive than you’ll find elsewhere.

Don’t believe me? Once you do some digging, you’ll quickly find that banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are offering a paltry .15% rate on their regular savings accounts. This is even lower than the national average the FDIC is reporting!

Since you definitely want to secure the highest rates you can on your savings, it’s crucial to compare banks and their savings account offers side-by-side. We just did exactly that to help you in your search, and we highlight the best savings accounts of 2023 below.