#456: The Empathy Advantage in Business and Leadership, with Stanford Professor Jamil Zaki

Today, Stanford psychology professor Jamil Zaki shares his research and findings around the science of empathy – and how we can apply this to improving our relationships with colleagues, clients, customers, co-founders, and business and investing cohorts.

Zaki is the director of the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab, and the author of “The War For Kindness.”

We’ll break down the science. We talk about why empathy matters in business, investments, and in career growth, and we’ll discuss its digital age dynamics. How does AI impact the way in which we relate to others?

If you want to learn the science of emotional intelligence, and how to apply this to your career and business interactions, you’ll learn a lot from today’s episode.


Discussion timing as of August 2023:
04:11: Can you change how much you are able to empathize?
06:19: Changes in brain chemistry as we become more empathic
09:50: How does a person become more empathic
17:22: The contact theory and integrating platoons
24:50: How to build empathy in the workplace
31:39: The role of tribalism in empathy
36:55: Fantasy, fiction and untethering
40:35: Behind the scenes of engagement baiting
47:17: Collective vs. Individual attitudes towards empathy

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