#453: The Importance of Having a Life Outside of Work, with Simone Stolzoff

Today, I sit down with Simone Stolzoff, the brilliant author of “The Good Enough Job.”

Simone has extensively studied the intricate role of work in our lives, asking the question: “How do we see work as just a piece of an awesome of our life?”

He also uncovers what we lose when work becomes more than just a job, challenges the prevailing narratives of work as a calling or dream, and shares strategies that can help us build more well rounded lives.

Together, we explore groundbreaking perspectives on reframing work as an integral part of life, rather than allowing it to consume our entire being. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened as we uncover the keys to unlocking a balanced and fulfilling relationship with work.

Timestamps as of July 2023:

01:37: The inspiration behind “The Good Enough Job”

04:07: The danger of overidentifying with your job

06:15: The reasons people over identify with work

08:35: Drawing the line with a results oriented approach

13:15:  How to round out your sense of identity

18:05: The distinction between the integrator and the segmenter

27:46: The increased importance of meaningful work

35:48: Implementable changes a person can make to find more meaning

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