#447: The Human Side of Remote Work, with Nick Bloom

We talk to Stanford economist Nick Bloom about his groundbreaking research on working from home. 

Nick has been studying remote work for more than 20 years – since the 1990’s, when people were “telecommuting.” His research, in real-time, looked at how events such as 9/11 shaped attitudes about remote work. 

The pandemic created a surge of interest in his research. It brought many newcomers to the field. But Nick has the benefit of historical knowledge. He’s spent his career deep-diving into this topic.

Nick sheds light on the advantages and challenges of remote work, drawing from extensive data and analysis. He shares surprising numbers and statistics. 

We discuss productivity, collaboration, employee well-being and organizational dynamics. We also discuss the impact of remote work on cities and housing.


Timestamps as of June 2023:

03:25: The initial interest in studying work from home before it became a hot topic

05:10: The kinds of companies who first offered WFH solutions

10:55: Why were work from home arrangements not adopted earlier?

11:01 The surprising numbers behind work from home data

17:30: The battle between choice and coordination

20:50: The donut effect in different cities

38: 30: The intersection of work from home arrangements and loneliness

41:12: The impact of AI and AR on the future of remote work

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