10 Websites You Can Score Free Grocery Samples

Free Grocery Samples

Free samples are fantastic for several reasons. For one, they let you see if a product you’re considering is actually right for you before you spend any money. Freebies can also help you stretch your grocery budget, allowing you to get a little something extra without spending a dime. Fortunately, getting free grocery samples is pretty easy. If you’d like to receive freebies for products you’d typically find at a supermarket, here are ten websites where you can score free grocery samples.

1. PINCHme

PINCHme is an incredibly straightforward website that lets you secure free samples on a wide array of products. Companies work with PINCHme to introduce potential customers to their goods by offering small freebies at no cost. While they hope you’ll enjoy the product enough to purchase it in the future, no purchase is ever required.

The main catch with PINCHme is that freebie supplies are often limited. However, you can increase your chances of getting access to in-demand samples in a few ways. Completing your profile accurately can make a difference, as well as providing feedback on freebies you do receive. Finally, make sure to head to the website the moment new samples are scheduled to arrive.

2. Influenster

Influenster is another site that makes getting your hands on free grocery samples a breeze. With its program, you’ll receive products based on details you share with the company through its companion app. Once you get your box of samples in the mail, try out the items and provide honest feedback on the product.

One benefit of Influenster is that many of the freebies are full-sized products. That gives you more to try out without having to pay for the product than you get through many other sample programs. Staying active on the app – such as by sharing reviews and taking polls – also increases your access to freebies through the site, so keep that in mind.

3. BzzAgent

BzzAgent provides people access to samples in hopes that they’ll generate “bzz” about a product. Bzz is essentially word-of-mouth, so it works in your favor to do follow-up steps after receiving samples, like providing feedback.

You’ll need to check the website frequently and complete surveys to access samples. Then, do extra steps to generate bzz to increase your access to freebies over time.

4. Ripple Street

Ripple Street is a straightforward way to get free grocery samples. You sign up and join brand communities. Then, you’ll receive some freebies – usually in larger quantities than some other programs – with the goal of you exploring the samples with your family and friends. Then, you can do follow-up steps like posting reviews.

The goal of Ripple Street is to turn trying samples into a party, which is why they send larger quantities. Along with you being able to explore something new, your family and friends can, too, making the program the perfect excuse for a get-together.

5. Smiley360

Smiley360 offers a mix of sample-size and full-sized products for people to try for free. However, the program works a little differently than others. In exchange for receiving the freebies, you need to complete “missions.” Usually, that means sharing about what you got in your box on social media.

Qualifying for a mission is typically based on your responses to surveys you receive through Smiley360. As a result, you need to answer the surveys as often as possible to increase your chances of getting chosen for a mission.

6. SampleSource

SampleSource embraces simplicity in how it provides freebies. The program includes sample boxes that go out four times each year, and after signing up, you only need to wait for a notification to let you know when you can request a box. You also don’t have to do anything after getting the samples, as feedback or social-sharing aren’t required.

7. Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box doesn’t automatically send free samples to you every day, but it does give some away to people daily. You can get access to sample-size or full-sized products through the program, and all they ask for in return is your honest feedback. The company has partnered with more than 300 brands, so there’s a surprising amount of variety.

If you’re willing to do more than provide feedback, you can increase your chances of scoring boxes. Following the company on social media can boost your access, so consider doing that if you want to score more grocery freebies.

8. Walmart Baby Box

The Walmart Baby Box is a one-time package of samples that you can receive after creating a baby registry at Walmart. What you receive varies depending on availability, but all of the freebies are essentially samples of baby products or coupons for them. You also don’t have to do anything after receiving your freebies, which makes this one low effort.

9. Amazon Baby Box

The Amazon Baby Box is available to Prime members who create a baby registry, complete at least 60 percent of the checklist, and have at least $10 in purchases from the registry. The benefit here is that you can handle the $10 in purchases yourself, so that’s a simple way to qualify for the box.

Once you’re eligible for the Amazon Baby Box, you do have to claim it. So, make sure to complete that step if you want to score baby-oriented free products and coupons.

10. Freeflys

Freeflys is a website that helps connect you to other sites offering free samples. Essentially, the company does all of the hard work by scouring the internet for free sample offers. Then, it presents that information in a series of lists, allowing you to pick the ones you want to go after.

When you find a sample, you can click a link and get directed to the website that’s holding the request form. This does mean you may need to fill out a lot of requests, but this option is far easier than trying to track down the freebies yourself.

Do you know of any other websites where people can score free grocery samples? Have you tried the sites above and want to tell others about your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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